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10 Greatest Tips For Moms

You love being a Mom, but it is a hard job. There are long hours, lots of tasks and constant micro-management from your tiny boss. But the payment of cuddles and love make it all worthwhile. Here are ten of our greatest tips to help you on the motherhood journey.

Tip One: Trust your gut, not a parenting book

You know your family best and what works for you, trust that. The author of the most famous parenting books does not know you and they don't know your child. You know your child best, so follow what you feel is best, not necessarily what the book says. Don’t ever doubt yourself.

Tip Two: Get used to using one hand to do everything

When your children are young, you should get used doing a lot of things one handed. You will be holding them a lot. You will develop one handed skills that you never knew you had. Try baby wearing for the little ones, otherwise, embrace your one-handed talents.

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Tip Three: Use a nappy one size up at bedtime to prevent leaks

Overnight is a long time for one little diaper to do a good job. If you are finding that your child's diaper is leaking at night, then try using the next size up.

Bigger size means bigger absorbency. Just make sure you can still fasten it securely onto your baby or toddler.

Tip Four: Invest in a great baby monitor

A great baby monitor can save you lots of time and heartache. Being able to check on the monitor that your child is sleeping safely and soundly will save you sneaking into their room to check every 10mins.

Tip Five: Use technology

Get all 21st Century! There is technology for everything, so take advantage of it. Use white noise to help your little ones sleep, use apps to track breastfeeding and manage appointments.

There are also fantastic baby monitor apps that you can use on your mobile device if you are away from home without your monitor.

If you can think of it, there is probably an app to help you with it!

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Tip Six: Don't be in a rush for them to grow up

While some stages are challenging, like the terrible twos and the three-nager, they are also amazing in their own way. Don't wish time away. Before you know it, they will be grown up and you will miss sticky little fingers and baby talk.

Tip Seven: Play with your kids, the housework can wait

The best gift you can give your children is time. Sometimes that even means the time you are meant to be doing housework. The washing can wait to be folded another day. As long as your home isn’t dirty, play a bit longer with your little ones.

In years to come, your kids won’t care if the counters sparkled, or if the washing basket was empty. But they will care if you never had the time to play with them.

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Tip Eight: Be Consistent

It is important to be consistent in your actions so that your kids know what is expected of them. Don’t encourage them to jump on the bed one day, but then tell them off the next. Have your rules and stick to them.

Also, establish your family routines so that everyone knows what to do, and when. Have set bedtimes, a process to get out the door in the morning and an expectation for dinner time.In saying this, it is also very important to pick your battles.

Save your energy for the things that concern their safety, their health or their behaviour. It probably doesn’t matter if they leave the house with mismatched socks.

Tip Nine: Get the kids involved with jobs and chores

Even from when they are very young, find them jobs that they can help with. Teach them simple tasks at each age and stage so that these things become second nature.

Then they won't have to learn all these life skills as an adult when it seems like such a shock. Washing the dishes as family is far more fun than doing them solo.

Teach them to help out now so you don't feel like the household maid.

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Tip Ten: Accept that you will be tired

Parenting is a rewarding journey, but also an exhausting one. You may think that you have felt tiredness before becoming a parent, but nothing prepares you for the constant tiredness that a child brings.

Instead of wasting time being angry about the tiredness, just accept it. You will be tired, but in years to come you will miss those late night unexpected snuggles!

Embrace motherhood wholeheartedly, it’s an eventful and wonderful journey. Hopefully these tips help you along the way and make some decisions a bit easier.

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