7 Amazing Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

The announcement of your pregnancy is amazing news. This is an exciting moment in your life, and it’s time to share it with your friends and family. So, how are you going to tell them? Well you probably want to relay the news in a unique and memorable way, right? Well here are some amazing ways to announce your pregnancy.


Hold a gathering for your friends and family to surprise them.

You could invite your family to a barbeque or picnic. Then, throughout the day you drop hints and possibly place a few props here and there to provoke the idea that your pregnant. At the end of the gathering, make your announcement.


Announce your pregnancy by creating a video and sending it to your family.

Do something fun in the video, you could reveal your belly under your shirt to show a picture of a baby on your belly or wave around a sign that says, “I’m Pregnant,” No matter what you decide to do, enjoy yourself. By creating a video, you are also capturing the memory.


Give your close friends and family a special T-Shirt or ball cap.

Each shirt or cap should have their relation to your baby printed on the front. They will probably catch on rather quickly. They will likely be excited about the gift, as well as your surprise pregnancy.


Write each of your loved ones a letter.

Include your hopes regarding their relationship with your baby and something that they can teach your child. This is a great way of letting them know how important they are to you, and how important they will be to your child.


Tell everyone you have a surprise and turn it into a contest.

Whoever can guess your amazing news first will be the winner. You can make a bet with your partner involving who you think will be the first to guess correctly. To raise the stakes, include a prize, such as; a gift card to a restaurant, or dibs on the baby’s middle name.


Hold a reveal party.

If you are waiting to announce your pregnancy until the end of your first trimester, you could hold a reveal party. You could not only reveal your pregnancy, but also the gender of your baby. Maybe cut open a cake with blue or pink on the inside, or throw a balloon filled with colored paint or confetti.


Create an advertisement related to a movie coming soon, or a new attraction.

Tease your family by releasing a teaser trailer or poster. Make two or three of them; by the time you finally announce the news, they will be sitting on the edge of their seats holding back the anticipation.

Regardless of how you choose to announce your big news, let it represent the excitement associated with the moment. This is great news and your family will be thrilled when you decide to share it with them. Having a baby is a unique and special experience, congratulations.

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