Best Baby Glass Bottles in 2019

It’s no question, all parents want what is best for their children and have an innate drive to ensure their children’s utmost safety. Why would this be any different when choosing a bottle for your baby? More and more parents today are choosing glass when it comes to their baby’s bottles instead of plastic for two main reasons:

  1. Safety of their baby
  2. Safety of the environment.

The glass used in baby bottles is naturally BPA, BPS, phthalate, polycarbonate, and lead free.

Two types of glass tend to make up baby bottles:

  1. Borosilicate
  2. Tempered glass.

Both are shatter resistant and deal with thermal shock well, however, borosilicate glass out performs tempered glass in terms of resisting cracking and breakage, and handling thermal shock.

As with any alternative product, there are inherent downsides. In this case, glass is a bit heavier than plastic. The average plastic 4 oz (118.3 ml) bottle weighs around 3.04 oz (0.086 kg), while the average glass baby bottle of the same size weighs around 6.7 oz (0.19 kg).

This weight difference is not drastic and is an excellent trade off for harmful chemicals.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottle


A trusted name when it comes to BPA-free baby bottles, Dr. Brown’s is a staple in many new parents’ household.

The Good: Dr. Brown’s removable ventilation system keeps air bubbles to a minimum, keeping colic, spit up, and gas at bay. Its wide mouth opening makes filling and cleaning these bottles a breeze.

The Not so Good: Due to its ventilation system, there are multiple pieces to clean, which can cause leakage when not put back together properly.

Conclusion: Great low to mid-range priced baby bottle with a cult following. Parents just have to put in a little more effort when it comes to cleaning and assemblage.


Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle

This French company focuses its lines on the all-natural baby. Imported Italian-made natural rubber nipples and borosilicate glass allows parents a shatter-proof, freezable, heatable bottle.

The Good: The Natursutten offers a double ventilated system that aids in a slow and even flow that is perfect for colicy or gassy babies. This bottle is easy to clean and put together. Natursutten’s durable glass bottle and natural rubber nipple are both BPA, PVC, phthalate, and polycarbonate free, keeping your little one safe in the most natural without making any sacrifices.

The Not so Good: Incompatible with nipples and rings from different bottle brands, milk flow may be too quick for some newborns, and some new parents may find these to be a bit pricey.

Conclusion: Perfect for families looking for a safe and sustainable baby bottle option.


Philips Avent Glass Baby Bottle

Another classic, the Avent Glass Baby Bottle features durable glass and a breast-shaped silicone nipple that makes for an easy transition for baby.

The Good: Air Flex technology built into the nipple ventilates milk or formula to make for easier digestion. Borosilicate glass resists thermal shock and shattering. This bottle is BPA free and the wide mouth makes for easy clean up.

The Not so Good: Some consumers have reported nipple leakage.

Conclusion: Another bottle with a huge following, the Avent Glass Baby Bottle is a sturdy glass option at a reasonable price.


Joovy Boob Glass Baby Bottle

Joovy Boob’s glass baby bottle has been expertly designed for breast-to-bottle transitioning babies. Their Nood Nipple is touted for easy latching for babies that struggle to take to bottles.

The Good: The Joovy Boob features a contoured, tempered glass structure. Soft silicone nipples mimic a natural breast and feature CleanFlow technology designed right into the nipple, using a quad-ventilation system to ensure that baby’s tummy is happy. A wide mouth and minimal parts make clean up a snap. Adaptors are also available for breast pumping as well.

The Not so Good: These bottles are a bit on the expensive side, especially with the optional additional parts, and are known to break due to thermal shock.

Conclusion: Best for parents who are not using a bottle warmer or wanting to freeze their bottles.


LifeFactory Glass Baby Bottle

Three words: No. Slip. Grip! Glass bottles are fantastic, but can sometimes be a little slippery. LifeFactory’s glass baby bottles come wrapped in a colourful 100% medical grade silicone sleeve.

The Good: LifeFactory’s bottle is compatible with most major breast pumps, so you can pump straight to the bottle. Its adorable silicone sleeve allows a great grip and provides extra cushion when dropped. This bottle also boasts being dishwasher safe!

The Not so Good: This bottle does not feature a ventilation system, and may not be a great choice for colicy babies or those with sensitive tummies. Millilitres are labeled on the sleeve, making it difficult to read and measure.

Conclusion: Perfect for babies without fussy tummies and who are holding their own bottles.


Chicco NaturalFit Stage 1 Glass Baby Bottle

The Chicco NaturalFit, like the JoovyBoob, aims to mimic the shape and feel of the breast, to make transitioning to bottle feeding a day in the park.

The Good: The NaturalFit features a wide mouth making it easy to clean. Both a straight nipple and an angled nipple are provided to accommodate different feeding positions. Dual vents in the nipple help keep air out, making feeding easier on baby’s tummy and durable borosilicate glass is chemical free, shatter-proof, and resistant to thermal shock. Comes with a silicone sleeve to ensure a strong hold.

The Not so Good: Sometimes simple isn’t always better. The dual vent system is angled in such a way that it can easily be blocked during feeding, causing the nipple to collapse.

Conclusion: A cheaper and stronger alternative to the JoovyBoob that works for colicy or tummy-sensitive babies. Just make sure to watch the nipple’s air vents to make sure they’re unobstructed.


Evenflo Classic Glass Baby Bottle

Evenflo is another tried and true brand when it comes to baby bottles. Evenflo took a twist on their classic baby bottle – literally! The innovative shape allows for a better, more comfortable grip when it comes to feeding time.

The Good: Evenflo’s economically priced tempered glass baby bottle is compatible with most standard neck breast pumps, so you can pump straight into the bottle. Evenflo’s nipples are equipped with their patented Proflo venting system, keeping feeding air-bubble free and their three piece system makes for easy cleaning.

The Not so Good: Some consumers felt that the slow flow nipples were too fast. However, these bottles are compatible with Dr. Brown’s nipples and can easily be modified.

Conclusion: The best bang for your buck! Evenflo’s classic bottles are a hardy and reliable choice at a fraction of the cost of some of the other top brands.


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