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9 Tips for New Dads

I think being a new dad is likely more difficult than being a new mom. Women have about nine months to carry their baby and prepare. While dads understand that there is a baby coming, they don’t have

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Pregnancy Advice for First Time Moms

If you are a first-time mom, a pregnancy can be scary, and very confusing. You’re going to experience things that you’ve probably never had to deal with. Your body is going to change as it accommodates

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7 Amazing Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

The announcement of your pregnancy is amazing news. This is an exciting moment in your life, and it’s time to share it with your friends and family. So, how are you going to tell them? Well you probably

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Top 14 Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

For new mothers, packing a hospital bag can be intimidating, this may be the first time you've stayed at a hospital, or the first time you’ve had a baby. You don’t want to forget anything, but you

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