8 Amazing Ideas on How to Calm Your Crying Baby

For a new mom, there is nothing worse than the struggle between you and your baby, when he won’t stop crying. Sometimes when you think you’ve finally calmed him, he suddenly launches into yet another fit. Then you begin to attempt to decipher what made him start crying this time. If your baby has been fed and changed, he is likely crying for no reason at all. In fact, his crying is an attempt to build up his lungs and voice, but when the crying begins to wear you down and you’re desperate for some relief for your ears, there are a few things you could try.

Bath time

The key to calming a crying baby is to distract them. There are many babies that love bath time. He will likely stop crying the moment he realizes he is going to take a bath. If you really want to keep him calm after this time ends, use Johnson’s Night Time Baby Wash and Lotion. It smells amazing and the scent is formulated to calm your little one. When my son was a baby, this stuff was a miracle worker. Not necessarily to put him to sleep, but to relax him and put him into a cuddly, warming mood.

Music to the ears

Babies love music, play some music or sing him a lullaby. When your baby is still very young, one of the most calming sounds is his mother’s voice. He could listen to you for hours, so why not use this to your advantage. Sing to your little one or turn on one of his favorite songs and sing along. He is likely to calm down very quickly. My son even would occasionally fall asleep while I sang him a few of Taylor Swift’s softer songs. Even now, he’s two, if she comes on the radio in the car he falls fast asleep.

He may feel like dancing

For younger babies. It’s incredibly soothing to them, when you rock them back and forth, this is a great way to put your baby to sleep as well. As your baby gets older he may like to dance around your living room. After my son could walk steady, at times when he was being kind of crabby, I would turn some music on, move the coffee table out of the way, and we would then have a dance party. He loved it and he was always too tired after dancing to throw any fits.

Play a game or pull out some toys.

Depending on your baby’s exact age, there are a variety of different games you could play. Remember you only need to distract him for a moment. For younger babies, play a game of Peek-a-Boo. For older babies, try a game of Hide and Seek or Simon Says. Instead of listening to your baby cry, you will likely hear the ring of your baby’s laughter, or at the least see the excited glint in his eyes.

Your baby will enjoy playing with some blocks or stuffed animals. When my son was little, he used to love building with blocks, then knocking them over. No matter how upset he was, this would make him quit crying and start giggling. This became one of our go-to methods for him. Discover your baby’s, by pointing him to the toys when he’s upset.

Tell him a Story

Story time is a not only a great way to make your baby stop crying, but it is also a wonderful learning activity. Whether you would prefer to read him a story or make one up, he is sure to enjoy this time. To ensure you can keep his interest, change your voice to match the different characters, and read or make-up sound effects that fit into the story. You may even hear him trying to mock the sounds. If you really want to make him laugh, use your hands to capture his attention and enhance the storytelling experience.

Take him on a Car Ride.

This is a generally accepted and known way of helping your baby fall asleep. Taking him on a car ride will most definitely stop him from crying. Even if he doesn’t fall asleep, he will likely get wrapped up in his view outside of the window. Everything is new to him and he is very curious, car rides are a great way to satisfy his curiosity. If you enjoy driving at night, your baby would really enjoy that too. He will love the lights as they pass by his window, and he’ll likely drift to sleep.

Hold him to your chest.

If you can tell your baby is truly upset, he may want your attention. Try wrapping him up in a blanket, or swaddling him, and hold him tightly against your chest. Babies are calmed by the feeling of being wrapped up, it makes them feel safe. Holding him to your chest allows him your attention, which he desperately craves. There is no happier place for a baby, then cuddled up against one of his parents.

Offer him some milk.

When all else fails, feed your baby. He may have just ate, but if he continues crying after you’ve lavished him with all your attentions, he is likely still hungry. Babies are constantly growing, and regularly changing their feeding schedules, it may be time to up the ounces you feed him during sessions. Remember to burp him afterward so he isn’t gassy, that will just make him unhappy again. After he finishes eating, you will likely have a smiling, happy baby. A full baby, is a content one.


Babies are very fickle sometimes. Usually, there seems to be nothing wrong and yet they cry. However, they can be entertained by the funniest things. No matter what you do, you’ll likely find that the way to calm your crying baby, is by allowing him your company and affections. Your baby adores you and just wants to enjoy your moments together.

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