How to Get Alone Time After Having Kids

Think back to the day you found out you were pregnant and that warm flutter feels your heart all over again. The idea that you created your very own little person is still unbelievable but it becomes more realistic each time you hold him or her in your arms.

Life is different as a parent and at times, it feels as if the only thing you have time for are the children. It’s what parenting is all about, right? This is not entirely true, in that it’s important to give your kids the time they need but you must remember to enjoy alone time once the kids are here.

Parents often find themselves consumed with family, work, kids activities and more kids activities. This is all in the course of a day, how do you get that much needed alone time after having kids? This is an important part of being a good parent also.

Parents who take time to themselves are basically taking time to hit the reset button. It’s similar to refueling when the gas gets low. It keeps them going and in many cases, makes them go faster and with more energy once the alone time has ended.

Create a Zone

It can sometimes be hard to enjoy alone time when home with the kids. However, it is possible with a little effort, planning and understanding.

First, find an adult to help enforce the “Zone” plan with you. The idea is to establish a code or signal, such as a colored scarf or string to hang on the door of your zone. The zone will be identified as the space you are in and no one will be allowed to disturb you, as long as the code or signal is displayed.

Explain to the kids that you need this time to refuel and once you’re done, they will have access to a new and improved you. Alone time is equally important for the kids and the parents. Many moms have found that play groups offer benefits for not only the kids but also the moms. It helps to have a couple of the parents rotate childcare a couple hours per day every week or every other week. The amount of time can be determined among the group but it’s a great way to ensure that the kids are having fun with others while you are basking in a little time alone.

Date Your Mate

To be alone doesn’t always mean you want to be all by yourself. One of the biggest issues most parents have is that once the kids come, the couple have no time for each other. It is important to remember that you still have the time, but it’s up to you to make the time for each other. Depending on the age of your kids, you may want to schedule a date night once or twice per month. Add a little excitement by alternating who plans the date to give each of you an opportunity to show the other how much you care. Time spent doesn’t always mean money spent. A nice stroll in the park with a great movie and a bowl of popcorn at home while the kids are with grandparents, neighbors or the moms from the playgroup is a perfect way to date your mate.

Parents who desire are take alone time are to be applauded. It is actually a characteristic of good parenting, Soliciting the help of others to help with the kids while you have alone time, shows your children that it’s okay to help and ask for it when needed.

Children will also grow to appreciate that their parents love each other enough to spend time with each other and will treat their relationships with others with the same care.

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