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Advice for Mom-To-Be At Her Baby Shower

Your little one is almost due, it must be a time for a baby shower! Here are some top tips to help you survive and make it a great success.

Trust the Person Planning It

There is nothing worse than thinking you have all of your bases covered, and then the party is a fizzer because the host failed to plan. Make sure the host is someone reliable that you can trust. Trust that they won’t arrange anything embarrassing, and that they will actually make the arrangements! Make sure they follow the correct etiquette of selecting a suitable date, sending out the invitations in plenty of time, and having the correct guest list.


It’s Not All About the Gifts

Making the whole shower a spectacle of the Mom-To-Be opening presents does not equal a good party! Yes, it is lovely to receive nice gifts. And it’s also lovely to open them in front of your friends so that you can thank them and allow the guests to oooh and aaahh over the cute baby items. But you don’t throw a party just to get gifts. You throw a party to celebrate with your friends and to have some fun.

Keep the Arrangements Simple

By the time the baby shower rolls around, you will be heading towards the end of your pregnancy. Be prepared to be tired at this point. Keep the plans simple and don’t try to do too much.


Create Some Memories

A Baby Shower is a fantastic place to gather some memories for the future. Here are three cool ideas for keepsakes to look back on in years to come:

Advice Box:

Have each of your guests write their best piece of parenting advice on pretty coloured paper. Read them all aloud at the end of the shower and then keep them in a special box after the party. When your baby is all grown up, you can look back on this advice and smile.

Wishes for Baby:

Have your guests write down a wish that they want for your baby. It could be what they would like them to grow up to be, things they would like baby to have, or activities they want to see baby do. Again, you can take these wishes out in years to come and see which ones got ticked off the list.

Time Capsule:

Ask each of your guests to write down a memory from the year that your baby will be born in. Seal it up and don’t open it until your baby’s 18th birthday. You will be amazed by how much things have changed by then!

Not All Parenting Advice Is Good

As a first-time mother, you are likely to get given masses of advice at your baby shower. Take it all in, some might be good. But the thing about advice is, that people give it based on their own experiences. And every child is different. What works for one child, may not work for another. Just keep this in mind when the seasoned parents are dishing out what they think is well-meaning advice.

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Take Lots of Photos

Baby Brain is a real battle. Make sure you take lots of photos to document the day. You can also get your guests to leave little notes to caption photos. Then slip it all into a pre-made photo book.

Not Just for the Ladies

Baby Showers don’t just have to be for the Moms. If you want to, throw a co-ed baby shower and have Dad and his friends there too. Makes for great entertainment when the men have to wear pretend bellies!

It’s Fine For Baby To Attend

If your baby comes a little earlier than planned, its fine to hold the shower with your baby as the star guest. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all your friends and family to meet the new arrival.

Consider Registering

So that your guests have an idea of the items you still need, you may choose to have a gift registry. That way, you will get the items that you are missing, you won’t have duplicate items, and your guests can be confident that they are purchasing a gift that will be used.

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Be Prepared For Games

Games are a common way to create fun at a baby shower. Prepare yourself to participate. Here are a few ideas for games to get the party started.

Belly Measures:

Have your guests guess the size of your belly by cutting a piece of string or yarn to the length they think will fit around the bump. The winner is the one who gets closest to the right size.

Guess the Mush:

Get some pots of baby food and remove the labels. Pair up your guests, one will be the feeder and one will be the taster. The feeder will need to feed the taster some of each baby food, the taster needs to guess what each food is. The catch is, both the feeder and the taster will be blindfolded.

Sniff the Poop:

The premise is simple, guess which melted chocolate bar is in each diaper.

Your baby shower will be a wonderful celebration of your pregnancy, and the much anticipated arrival of your baby. Enjoy it for the day that it is.

Have fun with your friends and family and don’t sweat the small stuff. You will have much bigger things to focus on soon!

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