10 Tips – How to Nurture a Strong Connection with Your Baby

Building a strong connection with your baby is one of the most important steps involved with parenthood. The bond you create with your baby will define the outcome of your child’s social skills, self-awareness, and their development. Babies that have a strong connection with their parents, tend to be more independent and confident in themselves. The short-term effect of a strong bond or connection with your baby, is a well-developed nervous system.

What can help nurture your connection with your baby, and what can strengthen it?

Tip 1:

​Take advantage of maternity leave

The first few months of your baby’s life are the most important, in terms of building a connection, or bond, with your baby. You will likely take a six-week maternity leave, but if you could take a longer one, or even stay home for the first year, it will help you nurture a strong connection with your baby. Your baby bonds through the care given to him, so the more you care for your baby, the more likely you’ll have a strong bond with your baby.

Tip 2:

​Pay attention to your baby’s special cues

Each baby has subtle signals they send to their caregivers. These signals allow their caregiver to understand what it is they want. Pay attention to these signals, the easier and quicker you can care for your baby, the more attached your baby will be, and the more secure your connection with him will be. The understanding of his cues will also benefit you, in that it will make the time before your baby can talk easier, and smoother.

Tip 3:

Take care of yourself

Keep yourself well rested, if possible, healthy, and happy. The best thing for your baby, and your bond with him is to take care of yourself. The bond with your baby is dependent on both you and your baby’s temperament. If you want to develop the strongest connection with your baby, you need to be in a pleasant mood. It will help your baby feel closer to you and more comfortable with you, thus strengthening your bond.

Tip 4:

Don’t forget to have fun

The connection between you and your baby is built on more than just infant care. It is based on what you do during your time together. Use your time to laugh with your baby and coo to him. Spend time playing games and have fun. Babies shouldn’t just be hard work, they should be enjoyable. Enjoy your time together and entertain him.

Tip 5:

Your baby needs plenty of sleep

A large part of building the connection with your infant, is calming him. However, if your baby is constantly exhausted, he will be almost impossible to calm. Your baby needs to be rested, to allow you to build a strong connection with him. Make sure your baby gets the proper amount of sleep on a regular basis.

Tip 6:

Monitor how much your baby eats

Just as sleep affects the connection with your baby, so do eating habits. A hungry baby is a cranky baby. It is dangerous for your baby to lack proper nutrition, but it is also bad for creating a bond. If your baby isn’t receiving enough nutrients, contact a doctor. A doctor can help you satiate your baby, which in turn, will help you strengthen the connection between your baby and yourself.

Tip 7:

Don’t underestimate the affects of touch

Hold your baby as often as possible, soon your child won’t want you to hold him all the time. The skin to skin contact between you and your child will strengthen your bond. So, enjoy hugging your baby, cuddling with him, and try Kangaroo Care. The contact between you and your baby will provide many health benefits for your baby, as well as nurture a strong connection between the two of you.

Tip 8:

You can connect using your voice

Sing or talk to your baby, the sound of a mother’s voice is incredibly soothing to their infants. When you speak to your baby look him in the eyes, and continue looking at him after you finish speaking. This will encourage him to make noises at you. As you sing, rub his back or belly, be affectionate with your baby. This will encourage a better bond with your baby.

Tip 9:

Attempt to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to nurture a strong connection with your baby. It allows for plenty of skin to skin contact, and allows your baby to feel safe and comfortable in your arms. It is also incredibly beneficial for your baby and will sow seeds of good health for your baby in the future.

Tip 10:

Don’t try to be perfect

The worst thing you can do for the connection with your baby is force unnatural behavior based on what you think a good parent will do. Your baby will sense the illegitimacy of your actions. So, try to be the best parent you can be, but don’t try to force yourself or your child. There is no perfect parent in existence, there are only parents trying to do right by their children.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. The bond between you and your baby will develop naturally. To nurture and strengthen that bond, you just need to love your baby, show plenty of affection, and allow your baby all your attentions.

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