Signs You May Be Pregnant VS. Signs That You Are Not

The important thing to remember when trying to figure out whether, or not, you are pregnant, is that the most reliable way is to see your doctor and take a test. Pregnancy tests are becoming increasingly more reliable, but they are still not one hundred percent accurate, or trustworthy. There are several signs you may be pregnant, but many of them are also warning signs that your period is fast approaching. Here are some ways to decipher your symptoms and hopefully figure out your condition. If you think you are pregnant, take a test, then have a doctor confirm it. If you no longer think you are pregnant, and your symptoms persist without the arrival of your period, you should still see a doctor because there may be something wrong with you.


Women in their first trimester are usually extremely tired, but this is also a symptom women experience prior to their period. The best way to tell the difference regarding this symptom is to consider your recent activities. Have you done anything to make yourself more exhausted than usual? You should also keep in mind when your period should be arriving and the normalcy and level of exhaustion that typically bothers you during your time of the month. Most women experience similar symptoms with their period every month, and almost have this period of time down to a science.

Sore Breasts

There is literally no way to tell the difference between your period and early pregnancy by the soreness of your breasts. You might want to look more deeply into the following signs of pregnancy because this one gives nothing away. Also think about whether, or not, your period is late, if so this may be a sign that your pregnant, but consider how late you truly are. Stress and a variety of other things could cause your period to be late.

Breast Enlargement

Many women experience bloating of their breasts prior to their monthly visit. However, this is also a sign of pregnancy. You will not be able to determine whether you are pregnant, solely based on this symptom. The best way to decipher if you are pregnant based on the size of your breast, is to compare it to what happens prior to your period.


The only way to tell if this is a sign your pregnant or if your period is just approaching, is to consider how soon your period should be coming. If this is a sign your pregnant, it will probably occur a little earlier than you normally notice your period cramps. Cramping is an early sign of pregnancy because it occurs during implantation, therefore you could feel it a little more than a week before you start your period.


This is perhaps the easiest way to tell if you are pregnant. When pregnant, bleeding occurs after implantation and is different in color. It is pink or brown, rather than red. The timespan in which it occurs is also different. Implantation bleeding will not last nearly the length of time a regular period would and will usually be a lot lighter than one.

Stomach Bloating

Yet another sign that could mean you are pregnant or about to start your period. When your stomach bloats during early pregnancy it looks exactly as it does right before your period. There is little difference regarding this symptom, so it is not a reliable way of deciphering your condition.

Increased Appetite

When you are pregnant your appetite changes are different than when you are menstruating. When you are on your period, you tend to eat more, but it is not really, due to hunger. It is more-so related to your cravings. When you are pregnant, you experience weird cravings, but in the first trimester, you eat more because you are increasingly hungry. Some women, eat almost twice as much as they normally would, during their first trimester.


This is a symptom mostly related to pregnancy. If you are experiencing a few other early pregnancy symptoms and you are nauseous, I would encourage you to take a pregnancy test right away, you are likely pregnant. Normal periods, are not accompanied by nausea, so if you test negative for pregnancy, you may still want to visit a doctor. You know your body better than anyone else, always consider what is normal for you,

Change in Bathroom Habits

During pregnancy, many women experience a distinct change in their bathroom habits. You may feel constipated or like you constantly need to urinate. This is normal during pregnancy and prior to your period. Most women feel a slight pressure on their bladder, in the first trimester of their pregnancy. This is due to your growing uterus, and the fact that you are not used to it yet. If you are getting sick, due to nausea, this is more than likely a sign that you are pregnant.

Missed Period

This is the sign that causes most women to discover their pregnancy, but it does not always mean you are pregnant. If you are stressed, malnourished, or even just irregular, you could miss a period. If you miss a period I would suggest taking a test, and scheduling an appointment with your doctor. Even if the test is negative, I would visit a doctor to determine why you’re missing periods.


Quite a few of these symptoms, relate to both pregnancy and menstrual cycles. The best way to decide if you are pregnant, is to keep track of your period. Maybe keep a calendar with past periods and an expectation date of your next period. It is incredibly hard to distinguish the symptoms, purely based on what is, you will need to be informed on the timespan as well. Always look at your calendar, consider how you felt, and the change of your body during your last period. Then you may compare the experience to your current symptoms, for a better idea of what is going on with your body.

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