Toddler Meals For the Whole Family To Enjoy

When it comes to food, toddlers know what they like and will definitely let you know what they don’t like. They like simple flavours that are familiar to them. But that doesn’t mean to say that the rest of the family have to suffer with boring meals. There are still plenty of yummy dishes that toddlers, older children and parents can enjoy together. Ditch the need to cook multiple meals every night and use some of these yummy recipes that will have happy, full tummies in your household.

Chicken Nuggets

Almost every child is obsessed with chicken nuggets. It is hard to know what is in the frozen varieties at the supermarket, with all the additives and preservatives. So make your own! Delicious juicy chicken coated in tasty flavoured crumb, what could be yummier? Serve them with a side of your favourite veges, some potatoes and your favourite dipping sauce.

Try this recipe: Super Healthy Kids Perfect Chicken Nuggets​

Spaghetti Bolognese

Always a crowd pleaser and a favourite family meal. Not only can you get tasty flavours into the sauce, but you can pack it full of goodness. There is much needed iron from the beef mince and plenty of opportunity to load that sauce up with veges. Compliment it with long noodles that you can spin around your fork, and slurp the ends into your mouth.

Try this recipe: Annabel Langbein’s Bolognese Sauce 

Macaroni Cheese

Pasta and cheese, two things almost every toddler loves. Mac cheese can be a great side dish, or the main star of the meal. Serve some of your favourite veges on the side though! Here is a hot tip to make macaroni cheese a bit healthier, steam some cauliflower and use a stick blender to incorporate the cauliflower into the cheese sauce.

Try this recipe:’s Easy Stove-Top Macaroni Cheese 


Cheesy food you can eat with your hands? What kid can resist? Pizzas are great because once you have the dough prepared, you can go nuts on the toppings. Each family member can have their own individual pizza with their favourite toppings if they want to. Pizzas are also a fantastic opportunity to get the kids involved in preparing dinner. They can help knead the dough, spread the sauce and choose the toppings.

Try this recipe: DIY Cozy Home’s Fail Proof Pizza Dough


Meat, veges and sauce in a bun, instant family favourite! The fantastic thing about burgers is the variety. You can serve beef, chicken, lamb, fish, pulled pork, or any other meat that you can think of. Top the pattie with some complimentary veges, and finish it off with sauce. Let the kids build their own burgers at the table for extra fun.

Try this recipe: KidSpot’s Mini Lamb Burgers 


Fritters are a Mom’s secret weapon. Kids love them, and you can pack them full of veges. Whether it is corn, cauliflower, zucchini, potato, or sweet potato that you are using as your filling, they will all be delicious. And if the kids get sick of the fritter shape, you can mix it up with nugget or tot shapes.

Try this recipe: My Lovely Little Lunchbox’s Vegetable Fritters

Fish Cakes

A simple family meal that gets the goodness of fish into little tummies. Just like fritters, kids love fish cakes and you can pack them full of goodness. Fish contains heaps of vitamins to help grow healthy bodies; omega-3 fatty acids for brain power, calcium for strong bones and minerals like iron, zinc and potassium.

Try this recipe: Parenting’s Easy Asian Fish Cakes

Scrolls or Pinwheels

These are yummy and fun. Great for lunch, dinner or a snack. Again, it is a dish that you can pack full of vegetables and use a range of fillings. Try spreading your scrolls with a sauce made of blended vegetables, then you won’t feel so bad including the bacon and cheese too! They also freeze and reheat well if you have leftovers.

Try this recipe: Super Healthy Kids’ Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls

Breakfast for Dinner

Give the kids excitement by serving a breakfast meal for dinner. Baked Eggs are a perfect dinner time breakfast food. Dip your toast soldiers in them, and enjoy the goodness of the eggs. You can also jazz up your eggs with some tasty accompaniments, maybe some tomato, spinach, sausage, cheese, or bacon. Just be sure to cool the dishes down before giving to the children.

Try this recipe: KidSpot’s Backed Eggs for Kids

Just because toddler’s like simple food, doesn’t mean that you need to serve boring meals. There are lots of tasty things that the whole family will enjoy, especially those picky toddlers!

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