Top 14 Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

For new mothers, packing a hospital bag can be intimidating, this may be the first time you've stayed at a hospital, or the first time you’ve had a baby. You don’t want to forget anything, but you also don’t want one bag to rapidly turn into two. The key is to pack items the hospital likely doesn’t provide and pack your hospital bag in advance so you can enjoy the experience, rather than rushing to pack a bag and relying on the gift shop to have necessary items on their shelves. Here are some necessary and creative suggestions to consider when packing your bag.

Top Five Things to Pack for You

After giving birth, you will probably feel a little uncomfortable and plenty tired. Remember to pack these five things to create a pleasant and comfortable experience.

  • Be sure to pack your favorite book or movie.

Labor typically takes several hours. To distract yourself from the unwelcome feeling of contractions and the anxiety of finally having your baby, read a book, or watch your favorite movie. It will make you feel more at ease and it is an entertaining way of occupying the time.

  • Bring a few of your favorite snacks.

Hospital food tends to have a reputation; it isn’t good but not bad either. Bring something that you are sure to love, a few of your favorite snacks. When you bring them with you in your hospital bag, it allows you to decide, rather than sending your loved ones to guess from the choices in the vending machine. After giving birth it will be well deserved treat.

  • You will need about two comfortable outfits.

You will have to stay a couple of days after delivering your baby. Ensure your comfort by bringing your own clothes. Perhaps some cozy sweatpants and t-shirts, or maybe pajamas. An outfit to go home in is essential. The key is comfort, tight clothing will feel foreign and unwelcome.

  • Pack your own blanket or pillow.

Bring your favorite blanket or a comfortable pillow. You will be able to relax easier and enjoy some of the comforts from home, while getting the restful sleep you deserve. After having your baby, you will be eager to take him home, at least this way it can feel like you're sleeping in your own bed.

  • Remember the necessities.

You will want your own soap. After giving birth a shower is a necessity. The hospital normally provides shampoo and body wash, but you’ll want conditioner. Hair ties, a brush, and maybe your own toothbrush and toothpaste will to help you feel clean. You will be happy you remembered the simple things.

Top Five Things to Pack for your Baby

Welcoming a baby into your life is a huge deal and you want to be prepared. These five items will ensure it's an enjoyable experience and special occasion.

  • You might want a specific outfit for baby pictures.

Most hospital’s hire someone, or request a nurse to take photos of your baby that you can purchase online. Maybe you want your baby to wear a very particular outfit. You will be happy to purchase special photos of your baby during the first few days and even happier that you were prepared with an adorable outfit.

  • Your baby needs a special occasion outfit as well.

Many new parents bring their baby home in a special outfit. After all it is the first thing they’ll wear outside. Just be sure it’s appropriate with consideration to the weather. Newborns are very sensitive and this will be the first time your baby is exposed to the outdoors. Taking the time to pick a specific outfit will make the experience memorable for you and comfortable for your baby.

  • Some comfort items for your baby.

Be sure to bring a soft blanket or an adorable stuffed toy. These will be simple pleasures for the baby while in the hospital. Later you can keep them to mark the very special occasion. The blanket will be helpful when you bring your baby home. It will shield your baby from the cold air or even bright sunlight. The stuffed toy can be used to occupy his attentions when he isn’t sleeping.

  • You may want to bring something to play music.

This could be a phone, laptop, or player of some kind. While you were pregnant, your baby could hear noises outside of your body. Perhaps play some soft music you listened to while pregnant it could calm your baby and will serve as a welcoming sound that your child has already become accustomed to.

  • Your breast-feeding equipment.

If you are breastfeeding it is very important to bring your breast-feeding pillow, it will help your baby latch and help you figure out the best position to feed him. Your pump and a few storage bottles could be helpful too. Don’t necessarily worry about preparing for when you go home, but keep some stored milk on hand for the nurses and your significant other. They want to help you and allow you time to sleep, so offer them a way to feed your baby if you are somehow occupied. You will need some uninterrupted sleep; the first couple of months are the hardest for new moms.

4 Things to Create a Memory

Having a baby is an experience that you will never forget. Make your time in the hospital memorable with these items and create a lasting impression of the moments.

  • Don’t forget your camera.

Babies grow so fast. You will be happy you brought a camera to capture your baby's’ first, precious moments. So many of your baby’s first’s will happen at the hospital. The first time you see your newborn, the first time he’s clothed and his first cry, just to name a few. Don’t forget a single moment when you could capture it on camera.

  • Remember the baby book.

Most parents keep a baby book. The first couple of pages are solely focused on your baby’s time in the hospital. Some have places for memorable moments, your baby’s first foot print, weight, and length, and who was there to welcome him into the world. Fill in those areas while in the hospital. When you get home, this might get put off and you’ll have to rely solely on your memory.

  • A small box can hold the keepsakes.

Maybe bring a small container to hold the important things. When you prepare to leave the hospital, the nurses will ask you if you want your baby’s crib card, hospital bracelet, and other small memorable items. It will be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and put them in your bag, but this could cause them to get lost or ripped and wrinkled. Placing them in a small box will keep them in good condition.

  • Use a notebook to record feelings and important moments.

Bring a notebook to keep track of your feelings and all the important things happening around you. Write down special moments to create a memory and share it with your child later in life. You could place the notebook in the box with the rest of your keepsakes.

What are some things you shouldn’t bring?

It is important that you bring anything you may need to make this a great experience. Some items may not be used and end up taking up space or become another thing you need to keep track of. Here are some item that you will likely not need.

  • Do not bring baby care items, you will not need them and they will take up space in your bag. The hospital provides all the necessities to care for your baby, such as; diapers, wipes, lotion, and butt cream. As you are preparing to leave the nurse will likely invite you to take the remaining care items in your baby’s crib. The hospital throws them away after you leave.
  • Several outfits are unnecessary. You’ll likely only be there for a couple days and during that time you won’t feel like getting all dressed up. A pair of pajamas and a comfortable outfit will be sufficient. The baby will not need multiple outfits either. Again, you will really only need the special outfits. The hospital will be warm and typically they provide adorable t-shirt sets for babies and plenty of swaddles.
  • Unnecessary tech toys will be better left at home. After the baby is born, you will likely be so infatuated with him, that the gadgets will be forgotten in your bag. This is a great time to enjoy your baby while gaining an understanding of what is to come.

Remember that this will be a great experience and use this list to take advantage of it. Create memories and enjoy yourself. Congratulations on your new baby and best wishes for your journey together.

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